What Is a Family Physician?

A Family Physician is a specialist that takes care of the entire family, for their entire life (i.e., “from womb to tomb”).  He or she is also a preventive health care specialist, with the mission of preventing the onset of disease.  However, Family Physicians are also trained to manage most diseases.  In fact, a good Family Physician will know how to manage (well) over 90% of the conditions that he or she encounters; he or she will also have the wisdom to know when to refer you to another doctor, and to which doctor to refer you.  Because of their broad training, and the fact that Family Physicians look at the whole person, they know that a certain symptom (e.g., chest pain) may be caused by many different conditions or organ systems.  As such, you may feel comfortable trusting your care into the hands of a good Family Physician.

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